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How to order goods?

You can visit our website first to learn about the goods. You can directly order the goods you are satisfied with on our website. You can also contact the customer service staff of our website.

I think it's good to see your products through the website, but I don't go online very often. Can you send me some pictures and introduction of the products?

A: our website will send periodic emails to members with information about products. If you have not become a member, you can register directly on our website, which is very convenient.

Could you tell me the reason for shopping here?

  1. Hanhong Scientific founded in 2003,is mainly engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting unnatural amino acids ,nucleosides, nucleotides, chiral chemicals ,API and other fine chemicals for drug discovery and drug production in China
  2. We are a website with long experience in retail business.
  3. We will bring you high quality goods and better prices.
  4. Multiple payment methods and fast nationwide distribution;
  5. Humanized return and exchange of goods;


I like your goods very much.Will it be out of order?

Customer purchases is larger, the web site of goods may be out of stock at any time, you can through the website of "notify" button booking goods or contact us directly for confirmation of the order.Also ,we accept backorder.

All products can be purchased on the website?

A: at present, the website is looking for products that can be ordered, but we can only confirm with you if there is inventory in the warehouse. Some popular products can also make an appointment through our website. When the goods arrive, we will inform you to order them by phone or email immediately.

Why sign up for membership?

  1. Only registered users can order online and enjoy preferential prices.
  2. Only registered users can log on to the "membership center" and use more shopping functions to manage their own information.
  3. Only registered users can leave messages to other registered friends on the Internet.
  4. Only registered users will be able to receive our gifts.


What if you forget your password?

In order to protect the interests of customers, we cannot see your password. When you forget your password, please visit the registration page, click on the "forgot password", the system will automatically your password by email to tell you that you can login "member center" to change the password, to ensure that your interests.

What's going on with score? What does it do?

The score only reflects your concern and support for us. Our credits are generated by ordering goods. For customers with high points, we will have certain rewards, such as points for exchanging goods, points for deducting prices, gifts for goods, and more preferential prices for purchasing goods, so as to give back to customers.