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Hanhong Scientific
----Speciallize in Synthsis of Novel Organic Compounds

R & D Feature

With our strong research and production teams and our top quality facilities , we have featured ability to provide the following  products from grams, kilograms to tons.

The featured ability on amino acids

  • 1.Optical Amino Acids and their derivatives
    Usually the DL-amino acids are synthesized by several routes, then resolute by chemical or biological method.
  • 2.Protected amino acids
      We are good at manufacturing protected amino acids, especially double protected amino acids and multi-protected amino acids.
  • 3.Peptides
      We are familiar at synthesizing peptides, including liquid phase synthesis and solid phase synthesis. 
  • 4. Protected reagent and peptide coupling reagents
    The common and rare reagent on peptides synthesis can be made by us, including protected reagents and peptide coupling reagents.

The featured ability on nucleosides, nucleotides and their derivatives.

  • 1.The synthesis of bases and saccharides of nucleosides
  • 2. The synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides 
  • 3. The synthesis of deoxy nucleosides and nucleotides
  • 4. The synthesis of protected nucleosides and nucleotides.
  • 5. The synthesis of oligodeoxynucleosides,oligonucleosides. 

The featured ability on chiral reagents and chiral intermediates

  • 1. Chiral reagents, including tartaric acid series, mandelic acids series, phenylethylamine series, Bi-naphthol series and others.
  • 2. Chiral intermediates, including the  common optical acids, optical amine, optical alcohols.