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Hanhong Scientific
----Speciallize in Synthsis of Custom Peptides

 Basic Information

Hanhong Scientific has two laboratories, 20 persons, 1000 square meters  laboratories, we can synthesize milligram-level custom peptide .

Quality assurance: the final product provides the corresponding mass spectrogram, HPLC chromatogram of purity analysis, and COA. 

The delivery time: For 200 unpurified peptides or less, lead time will be two week, and 3 weeks for 200 purified peptides.

Confidentiality:Confidential Agreement will be signed upon request by customer to protect sensitive information such as peptide sequence information.

Range of services

  • Linear peptide: less than 60 residues, quantity from mg to kg, purity can reach 99%
  • Simple modified peptides: acetylation, amidation (C-terminal).
  • Complex modified peptides: phosphopeptides, myristic acid, fatty acid, cyclic peptides, peptides with s-s bonds, fluorescein (FITC&FAM) , biotin labeled peptides, peptide protein conjugation (KLH&BSA), special amino acide and their derivatives
  • rotein crosslinking:KLH,BSA,OVA;
  • Containing specific amino acids:D-amino acids and other amino acid derivatives;
  • The range of purity: crude、>70%、>80%、>90%、>95%、>98%

Quality Control

  • ISO9001.
  • A complete QC report will be included with each delivered product such as HPLC profile, Mass Spectrometry and Synthesis Report. NMR, IR, UV, Elemental Analysis, Water Content and Amino Acid Analysis data will be available upon special request. But additional cost will be charged.

 Quotations and Ordering

For quotations and ordering, please contact our peptide division at:

Tel: 18555075885

Fax: +86-21-54291107

E-mail: alex@hanhonggroup.com

QQ: 2355241792

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours, Monday through Friday to assist you.